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Self-written life stories are growing more popular because families can no longer keep up with the contributions and accomplishments of their relatives to guarantee that their life story will be perfectly articulated after they pass away.

As a result, people are now taking control of how they will be remembered, saving their relatives from this onerous duty and reducing the possibility of key moments in your life being unmentioned.

By creating your Private Page, you'll get a secure place where you can articulate all of your contributions, describe your successes, choose your favorite photos, and more.

Then we'll keep it safe and secure for you until your family requires it.

Benefits of working with us
  1. It is an opportunity to take charge of how you are remembered. Likewise, a wonderful life ought to be remembered as such.
  2. You'll make it easier for your family to piece together your illustrious life.
  3. Your story now has a digital home where future generations can learn and be inspired by your accurate and comprehensive life story.
  4. Continue to add details as you reach new milestones.
  5. No fixed price. You just personalize the plan to fits your needs and budget..
  6. With your permission, we can create and set up your Private Page, then hand it over to you for continuous updates.
Privacy and Security
  1. Secured Profile: Private Pages are only visible to the owner and cannot be viewed or accessed by anyone else, including paajuu staff.
  2. You will be the one to grant access if you require Editorial assistance.
  3. Nominate next of kin - The designated next of kin will initiate the takeover of your page and we will grant access after performing due diligence.
  4. Keep in mind that after the takeover your family and friends will be able to add their thoughts and other relevant information.
  5. As the owner of a Private Page, you have complete control over the page's updates and edits.
Contents of a private page
  1. Life story summary.
  2. Comprehensive Life Story.
  3. Letter of wishes.
  4. Favorite / Momentous Photos.
  5. Links to your social media channels including YouTube.
  6. Brand logos that are associated with you.
  7. Links to your works, such as your blog or books.
  8. Links to news stories in which you were mentioned.
  9. Next of kin details.
Getting started

Here is a step by step guide on how to start publishing:-


    a) Register an account.

    b) Launch the Publisher and select the option to Create New Page.


    a) Choose the PRIVATE PAGE service and relevant category. Input your name and click on the Create button.

    b) Proceed to provide personal information, upload photos, and compose your life story..

    c) Complete the payment process and adjust page settings appropriately. Nominate an executor of the private page to manage the page in case of your incapacity or demise.

    d)Keep updating the content as you mark new milestones in your life.

This page can serve as a standby personal information repository, providing crucial information to loved ones and designated individuals when needed.


We have no fixed price. We have put in place a flexible pricing model where you get to customize the PLAN according to your needs and budget.

Customize Your Plan

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"Start preserving your legacy today. Download our free life story template and begin crafting your own story that will be treasured for generations to come."


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