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This service is tailored for Muslims. It incorporates religious and cultural aspects, such as the use of phrases such as "returned to Allah" rather than "passed on."

A Death Notice is created for the purpose of announcing the passing through the paajuu website as well as leading mobile News Apps and Social Media Platforms.

Through our partnership with leading mobile News Apps and Social Media Platforms, you will be able to target and reach specific people around the world who knew your departed loved one on their smartphones and other devices.

This service is an enhancement of the regular online obituary/announcement to now include eulogies, programs, images, video links, tributes, online guest book, and invitations to fundraisers.

Through the Death Notice you will be enable you to provide detailed information about the passing and final send-off arrangements.

It's important to note that after the funeral service and burial ceremony, the Death Notice Page will be converted to a Memorial Page at no extra charge.

Key benefit - Online targeted communication

Our online death announcement is a great complement to traditional methods of announcing a person's passing, providing additional benefits and reaching a wider audience in a more convenient and cost-effective way.

You'll achieve this through the following four media channels:-

  • 1: paajuu Website

    The host website,, will display the announcement on its home page for the number of days you specify. is popular not only locally, but also among the diaspora community.

  • 2: Opera News App

    The Opera News App has 1.1 Million Downloads and is the number one News App in Kenya. We'll make the Transition announcement via the Opera-Mini and Opera News apps.

  • 3: Google News App

    The penetration of Android devices in Kenya is at 90% and that contributes to Google News unrivaled reach. We'll make the Transition announcement via the Chrome browser and the Google News App.

  • 4: Facebook Ad

    Facebook's strength lies in it's ability to target and reach exact audience. You will effortlessly reach out to family and friends based on their location, schools and colleges attended, industry, and interests.

Other benefits of working with us
  1. You'll free up your time by allowing us to assist you with all funeral related publications.
  2. Use our guides and templates, we'll help you create all the last journey publications (obituary, notice, eulogy, funeral program, and even a thank you note) with a lot of ease.
  3. Include all funeral related publications such as fundraising invitations, eulogy, and funeral program in one place.
  4. After compilation, auto-generate a beautiful PDF Funeral Program Booklet for offline reading or printing.
  5. Save on printing costs by being able to hold a paperless funeral. And, if you must print, then print just a few copies.
  6. Get notified of an upcoming anniversary and publish in the spirit of remembrance, and commemoration.
  7. Forgot to add some details? No worries, do unlimited updates & edits at any time.
  8. The best way to keep up with funeral livestreams, such as YouTube Live or Facebook Live.
  9. Best turn around time of less than 1 hour.
  10. Personalized plan that fits your budget.
  11. Best solution for archiving: for future reading in case someone missed the news.
Getting started

Here is a step by step guide on how to start publishing:-


    a) Register an account.

    b) Launch the Publisher and select the option to Create New Page.


    a) Choose the SMART FUNERAL - MUSLIM service and relevant category - MUSLIM. Input the complete name of the deceased and click on the Create button.

    b) Proceed to provide personal details, upload pictures, and compose the notice / announcement.

    c) Complete the payment process and adjust page settings before finalizing the publication.


We have no fixed price. We have put in place a flexible pricing model where you get to customize the PLAN according to your needs and budget.

Customize Your Plan

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"Are you looking for a simple and respectful way to inform your loved ones of a recent loss? Learn with examples how to write a Muslim tailored online death announcement and obituary."


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