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A Digital Home For Precious Memories & Celebration Of Life

Create dignified death announcements, obituaries, and memorial pages that will serve as lasting tributes, preserving treasured memories for future generations.

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Find Transitions and Memorials

Explore the legacies and honor the lives of our departed loved ones.

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Simply share the funeral program booklet with us via WhatsApp, and we will create a comprehensive and personalized memorial page.

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À la carte pricing for your perfect product experience - pay only for what you need.

# Features Price (KES)
1 Article

Write-ups: The page's textual content, which includes an obituary, eulogy, life history, tributes, a fundraiser invitation, appreciation, stories, memories, poems, and more.

Price: Per article


2 Program

Event programs. For example: wake, funeral service, fundraiser, memorial service.

Price: Per program


3 Photos

The number of photographs in the Photo Tribute Slides.

Price: Per photo


4 Video Links

Youtube videos featuring the departed that you'd wish to direct readers to or or include in the content.

Price: Per video link


5 Edit / Update

Unlimited updates or edit of the page contents after going live.

Price: Free


6 Days Active

Number of days the publication will appear on paajuu home page.

Price: Per day


7 Booklet PDF

Generate an ebook and save it in PDF format for offline reading and printing.

Price: Per booklet


8 Guestbook Messages

Determine the size of the guestbook by entering the number of messages expected.

Price: Per message


9 Social Media Widgets

Share clean, consistent, and elegant posts on social media platforms.

Price: Free


10 Editor Service

On your request, our editors will ensure that your publication is flawless before going live.

Price: One-off


11 Writing Help

On your request, our writers will take over the task and write the entire publication on your behalf.

Price: One-off


12 Templates

Access to templates that will help you write flawless obituaries, eulogies and life stories.

Price: Free


13 Print Booklet

Print the generated PDF booklet. Size A4 - 8 PAGES.

Price: Per booklet


14 Logos

Logos of organizations associated with the deceased.

Price: Per logo


15 Works Links

Links to the deceased's works. For example, blogs, ebooks, articles, and so on.

Price: Per work link


16 Livestream

LiveStream the Memorial Day, Funeral Service or Burial Ceremony.

Price: Full day event


17 Facebook Sponsored A

Run a targeted Facebook sponsored Ad of the page.

Price: Per day


18 Opera News

Publish the page on Opera News Apps.

Price: Per Post


19 Google News

Publish the page on Google News App.

Price: Per Post


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Create memorial page - paajuu.com

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When it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one, we understand the importance of finding the right funeral products and services to honor their memory.

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bernard kiplagat - paajuu.com founder

Preserving Legacies: The Story Behind paajuu.com

Hi, I'm Bernard, the founder of paajuu.com - a memorial website based in Kenya. We started on September 1st, 2022, with the mission of preserving legacies. I'm passionate about our goal of curating and digitally preserving the stories of those who have passed on.

The idea of creating a memorial website occurred to me when I found out about the passing of a beloved childhood friend, which had taken place a year earlier. As I grieved his loss, I couldn't help but wonder how I had missed the news of his passing. Furthermore, I was unable to find any source where I could learn more about his life, which made finding closure all the more difficult. It was at that moment that I came to appreciate the significance of safeguarding the legacies of those who have passed on.

And so, paajuu.com was created, in Swahili, "paajuu" means "to ascend." I wanted the name to reflect the idea that this website was a place for people to be remembered and celebrated long after they have "ascended to glory".

I invite you to join us, and together, we can help ensure that the memories of those who have passed on live on forever.

Blog Posts

Planning a virtual memorial service: Tips and ideas

Planning a virtual memorial service: Tips and ideas

The first step in organizing a virtual memorial service is deciding on a platform. Many video conferencing tools, such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype, allow multiple people to participate in a call.

Finding hope and meaning after a loss: Reflections on the journey of grief

Finding hope and meaning after a loss: Reflections on the journey of grief

It can be tempting to retreat from the world and isolate oneself, but this only makes the journey more difficult. Instead, finding ways to connect with others, whether through counseling, support groups, or simply spending time with loved ones.

Embracing Your Legacy: The Power of Crafting Your Own Obituary and Eulogy

Embracing Your Legacy: The Power of Crafting Your Own Obituary and Eulogy

Self-written obituary and eulogy are growing more popular because families can no longer keep up with the contributions and accomplishments of their relatives to guarantee that their life story will be perfectly articulated after they pass away.


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“The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them.”

― Czesław Miłosz, The Issa Valley

Czesław Miłosz, The Issa Valley

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